Special Teams University
Long Snapping Lessons and Long Snapping Camps With Long Snapping Coach Kyle Stelter
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Special Teams University was created by PRO
long snapper Kyle Stelter train and mentor aspiring long snappers through long snapping lessons. Stelter started out coaching local Wisconsin long snappers and has now expanded to coaching long snappers nation wide!

Special Teams University is dedicated to developing all levels of long snappers, from amateur to pro, through long snapping camps long snapping clinics, and long snapping lessons. STU does this by providing necessary long snapping drills, advice, and information to help develop any snapper to their fullest potential. 

The importance of long snapping cannot be overlooked, or at times, even ignored. If you ask any winning coach, they will tell you how important a consistent and reliable long snapper is to the success of a team. Many games are determined within a small point margin; a bad snap can make a difference between a win or loss.

Special Teams University offers one on one long snapping lessons, small group lessons, regional camps and long snapping competitions. Long snapping lessons are conducted throughout the Midwest and include:
  • an intro to long snapping drills and routines
  • evaluations
  • video review
  • mentorship
  • total access to Special Teams University long snapping coach Kyle Stelter
Special Teams University
Long Snapping Lessons and Long Snapping Camps  

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Phone: 715-222-3407 Website: http://www.specialteamsu.info